Volunteer programs at Oxford Speedway

Related imageAs a non-profit organisation, you might guess that the Oxford Speedway relies a lot on volunteers to keep going. Well, it’s not like there is a lot of slaving to be done at the race venue on every day of every week, but they always could use a helping hand.

Whether it is cleaning the area after a race day or setting up safety measures prior to an event, a volunteer could always come in handy. The need for volunteers rises during actual race days because even though most racegoers are already familiar with the area, they still need help with things like distribution of matchday programs and maintaining safety around the viewing areas.

Yvonne, the person in charge of the Speedway’s online communication, is always calling out for volunteers to come out and help where they can. And as proof of how much the institution appreciates volunteers, all their post-race communication always gives a prominent shout-out to these people of goodwill.

Volunteering can be a good opportunity for prospective racers to get an inside feel of the racing world. It is likely that some of the greatest speedway racers may have started out as volunteers.

To volunteer at speedway events, you just need to communicate with the institution. A message on their social media page will get a reply within hours- they are that responsive! They probably need volunteers to help them maintain that too! (You might have noticed how the hectic schedule often causes delays in giving race updates).

Many people fail to volunteer not because they don’t have time, but because they don’t think they could be of help. The truth, however, is that anyone can be of help at the races. There are no special skills needed to be a volunteer. Actually, you could just spot something that you think could be done better and offer to do it.