Speedway guide for visitors

In New Zealand, Speedway refers to a race track for all types of vehicle competition. Competitors come against each other in organized competition meets on road surfaces that are often challenging and seek to outdo each other in both speed and navigation skill.

A speedway visit is one of the things that visitors can enjoy while touring New Zealand. Tracks like the Oxford Speedway have monthly meets that offer a great spectacle for viewers and also a great place to go for picnics.

Race meets are a great place to not only experience the competitive nature of New Zealand drivers but also interaImage result for Oxford speedway trackct with the country’s people first hand. In Oxford, for instance, almost half of the population will be found at a popular race.

These people let their hair down and become completely different figures from the ones you meet in the corporate corridors. At the tracks, you get to meet people in specific New Zealand dress, hear their informal language, learn their songs and sample the country’s food and drinks at any of the many temporary stands.

Even if you are new to New Zealand, you will not feel out of place at the speedway. The day’s program is usually available at the track’s entrance so you don’t have to look lost and ask around for the order of events. That said, you can always make new friends with the friendly lot that troops to these events.

What about the budget, you ask? Fear not, a trip to the speedway will not leave a major dent on your travel budget. Entrance fees circle around the range of $10 in all speedways for both locals and visitors. It is also a great thing that the speedway managers have insisted that retailers selling food and other stuff at their events maintain prices within the normal range.

If you are on a visit to New Zealand, visiting the speedway should definitely be on your to-do list.