Speedway Among New Zealand’s Most Loved Sports

Image result for New Zealand SpeedwayThey say you never miss water till the wells run dry. Well, that statement has dawned as true for residents of Auckland, New Zealand, with reports that the Speedway would be leaving the Western Springs by the year 2020.

Most residents are sad to see the sport leave, despite a good number having formerly complained about the noise that comes with the races. In a recent video posted on the New Zealand Herald, many residents say that the races have become part of their culture and admit they will feel a sort of emptiness once the event relocates.

Among the reasons given for Speedway’s popularity is its safe outdoors environment which allows entire families to go out and have fun there. Even people who do not personally go to the races indicated that they loved having it around for the sake of their partners and kids. One resident described the speedway as a good neighbour who stops making noise when night falls. The event is relocating after close to a century’s presence in the area.

Oxford Love

At least the people of Oxford show their love for their little speedway track every month. When the May meeting was recently rendered impossible by the weather, there was an audible sigh of disappointment everywhere.

The track has become an identifiable cultural trait for most people in Oxford. A good number of adults have grown up going to the event, and it is possible that every single one of Oxford’s residents of at least ten years of age has been at the races at some point.

Besides safety, the variety of outdoor activities at speedway race meets also contributes to its popularity. The barbecue would probably come first in this category if a vote were to be had. The recent news will only make the fast-growing sport even more popular.

Sad news for the people of Western Springs to lose such a lovely neighbour!