Slight changes to Speedway race day program

Image result for Oxford SpeedwayThe Oxford Speedway has had to make a few changes to its matchday program as the number of entries continues to increase in 2018. Worry not though, the changes are only minimal and will largely affect race preparations rather than the races themselves.

The program change is also not going to apply to all race meetings, but rather to those that record a similarly high number of entries. In the new format, races will start an hour earlier than usual (9 am as opposed to the former 10 am kick-off). Scrutineering of the race participants will also start an hour earlier. They will be checked from 7-9 am where the task was formerly done between 8 and 10 am.

The first day of competitions will basically involve the Youth Mini Stock preliminaries, with categories A, B and C of the Ministock starting off the action. They will then be followed by the Hobby, Mini Saloons and Stock Cars in that order.

On day 2 (Sunday) The Youth Mini Stock Championships will enter their advanced rounds in the same order as used on the opening day. This event is usually a fan favourite as it often showcases drivers who have the potential of going ahead to rule the superstock racing categories in future.

Later on Sunday, Adult Mini Stocks and Stock cars will take centre stage as experienced drivers seek to give the youthful competitors a throwback feel.

The new program was already used at the May meeting of the Youth Mini Stock Championships. With the increasing popularity of the competition, it looks as if things will continue along the same vein in 2019. The event organisers might even have to come up with a third day of competition (probably a preliminary round on Friday) or expand race hours on the two days.