Oxford Speedway: Pride of New Zealand Racing

The Oxford Speedway is a racetrack in the town of Oxford in the North Canterbury region of New Zealand. It is a non-profit entity meant to benefit residents of the small town, just as are several other amenities within the old farm town of just over 2000 residents.

Oxford has severally won the award for the best small town in the country, and the speedway has had a big hand in this achievement. The track offers a great at competition platform for both pro and amateur race drivers, as well as an outdoor recreational facility for families and groups.

OImage result for oxford speedway logon a random weekend when there is a major race, it is possible to find almost half of the entire town’s population at the speedway- and boy are they proud of the place!

The word speedway can refer to a track for either bike racing or motor car racing depending on the region of the speaker. Americans use the term to refer to dirt bikes while the British use it to talk about a track or road for motor car racing. Given New Zealand’s heavy connection with the UK, you may correctly guess that the Oxford Speedway is used for motor racing.

Saloon cars are the most common competitors on the track. There are also less common races for stocks and mini-stocks. The latter events are most popular with young racers. Racers can take part in races individually or joint group competitions where they earn points in a series.

The track is a dirt surface which was originally meant for winter racing. New Zealand has a temperate climate that allows it to have a winter weather that can be termed as moderate. In recent times, however, there have been several instances of extreme conditions that led to cancellation of races like the June 2018 edition of the Southern Stampede.