Oxford Speedway Pricing and Race Day Program

Image result for oxford speedway logoThe Oxford Speedway describes itself as a non-profit organization on its Facebook page. Whenever you find such a description, the picture of ‘affordable cost’ inevitably comes to mind. It is an indicator that charges are anywhere between free, voluntary and minimal.

Entrance fee

The description is well reflected in their race charges. Adults and children over the age of 15 attending races at the Oxford Speedway only have to part with $ 10 to gain entrance into the property.

Children under the age of 15 gain free admittance if they are accompanied by an adult.

Once you pay the entrance fee, you are allowed to access all public parts of the speedway- shops, viewing areas, betting desks etc. The entrance fee does not, however, cater for any other amenities besides being inside the speedway. Drinks and food have to be acquired at a separate cost.

The payments made are usually directed towards the maintenance of the speedway- decoration, branding, cleaning etc. Like many amenities within the little town of Oxford, the track depends largely on the community to stay afloat.

Patrons may also give donations to the speedway at will. Since most of the races are not sponsored, the money from gate collections is the main source of the race venue’s revenue.

Race Program

The day’s program is also available for $2. Racegoers can get their copy of the program at the gate on the day of the races. You may also opt to have yours sent to you beforehand if you need it to make plans. Copies are usually available a week prior to the event.

The same entrance fee is charged for locals and visitors. This makes the speedway a cost-effective yet enjoyable place for tourists visiting New Zealand to discover the country’s authentic offerings at no extra cost.

The serene environment of Oxford coupled with the thrilling experience at the speedway makes the cost worth every single dime.