Oxford Speedway History: The Racegoers

In 2019, the Oxford Speedway will celebrate half a century of existence. Fifty years of competition and thousands of races will have been held here since the Crawford family gave up their land and it was turned into a racing surface.

The action has got better every year, eventually seeing the track graduate from a winter-only race venue to an all year round Speedway. The temperate climate of New Zealand has been instrumental in allowing races at all times, but, more importantly, credit should go to the fans who show up at every event.

Image result for oxford speedway logoOxford Faithful

Oxford is a small and close-knit society of just over 2000 residents and just one each of most facilities- school, swimming pool and, well, the speedway. The aging population has been around since the track’s inception with many of them having attended over 60% of the racing events. It is highly likely that there are residents who have attended 90% of all racing events held at the Oxford Speedway.

The youthful population born during the speedway’s existence has been nurtured into a culture of race going and continues to pass the same values to its offspring.

Some of the events at the Oxford Speedway have recorded resident attendances of up to 50% of the population. That says a lot about the community’s role in the longevity and continued growth of the speedway.

Visiting racegoers

The popularity of races at the oxford speedway has over time crossed the borders of North Cantebury and the entire New Zealand. Most visitors who come to the town have race going high up on their to-do lists.

The speedway’s policy of having a flat entrance fee for both local and visiting racegoers has done a lot to help its growth in popularity. The half-century is here, and the march continues!