Oxford Speedway applauded for nurturing talent

Image result for Oxford SpeedwayThe Oxford Speedway has received applause from parents and former drivers for its role in nurturing young racers. Messages of gratitude and commendation have been streaming into the track’s Facebook community page from parents who are pleased that their children have got a chance to kickstart their racing career.

The Mini Stock Youth Championships have been hailed as a great stepping stone for aspiring drivers and a great foundation that spells longevity for the little track in North Canterbury. Any further existence will push Oxford Speedway close to a century’s existence, having already been existing for close to half a century in 2018.

Among the outstanding speedway features that have received praise are the vehicle checking procedures, track regulations and the readiness of referees to patiently explain to debuting kids about the do’s and dont’s of a motor race.

The praise comes in the wake of six young drivers making their debut in the Youth Mini-Stock Championships in March 2018. Such young drivers are already endearing themselves to fas, starting with their fans who don stickers to match the racing kids’ gear as a way of showing support.

Every year, the speedway provides an avenue for kids to make their baby steps in motor racing. there are bees to bring these kids to familiarity with the rules that make the competing environment safe and fair. The track is also often open for parents and trainers who would like to impart more skills to their children outside race days.

The tradition has been the same for the better part of the speedway’s 49-year existence since it was built on the previously existing Crawford farm in 1979. It is one of the reasons that the Oxford population identifies closely with the track, with most of the town’s drivers having begun their careers here as kids.