Mobile Betting and Speedway

Image result for Mobile BettingSpeedway racing is getting more popular by the day even after being in existence for decades and in New Zealand specifically, in many parts of the country. So much so that residents of Auckland are up in arms protesting the move of the race venue from the Western Springs to the south. Such residents will not only lose the privilege of witnessing first hand some of the country’s finest races but will also miss the chance to place physical bets on their favourite drivers.

All is not lost, however. With the rise of online betting and the even easier platform of mobile betting, punters will never have to miss out on placing their stakes. Mobile betting has already proven to be successful with apps like All Jackpots casino so it should not be a problem for speedway betting either.

Mobile betting casinos offer a live experience which makes gamblers feel as if they were physically in the region where the action is taking place. This model which uses live streaming would be a great adoption for speedway betting companies if they are to at least offer some solace for the disgruntled fans.

The rise of live betting would also largely benefit small speedway tracks like Oxford which have some electric races but are to this end only exposed to locals and visitors who attend physically. Currently, physical betting is largely popular, but mobile platforms will make the whole experience less cumbersome as it will eliminate the need to queue for bets and payouts.

It will allow bettors to follow their stakes from their mobile screens and even if they happen to miss one race at the event, they receive an automatic notification once it ends. The revenue shared to the speedway will also go a long way in maintaining the track.