How the relocation of Auckland Speedway will affect Oxford

Image result for Auckland SpeedwayIt was recently announced that the speedway in Auckland would be relocating from Western Springs to a more southern region of the city.

The announcement was met with mixed reactions by Western Springs residents, with some glad that the noise from the racecourse would finally be leaving their neighbourhood. A majority, however, expressed their disappointment with the relocation saying that the move was likely to destroy an already established culture.

How does the relocation affect Oxford speedway?

Well, Auckland, around 800 kilometres away from Oxford, is arguably of little consequence to the little farm town in North Canterbury. But Western Springs was a huge track whose reverberations were felt all over the country, so this one has to be felt too.

For starters, the move will stir the racegoers at Western Springs from their comfort zone. Having lived their entire lives with the speedway (It has been there for 90 years; few people can have existed before it), the residents will be faced with a new emptiness.

They could just drive south and follow the speedway to its new home, but this could also be a chance for them to travel and experience speedways in other parts of the country. With travel insurance this would be especially easy.

The Oxford speedway has been receiving a lot of attention lately, as has the town in general. This could be a great chance for residents of Western Springs to fly down to Oxford and tour the clean little town and its excellent little dirt track.

It is thus likely that the Oxford Speedway will be receiving more visitors in near future, especially in the early days before the Auckland Speedway gains its footing. It will be a welcome blessing for the North Canterbury race track, but it will also cause a new headache of accommodating the huge number of visitors in the small track.