Golden Jubilee- Celebrating 50 years of Oxford Speedway

Image result for oxford speedway logoIf the number of car-kilometres raced around the 420 meter- long Oxford Speedway are put together, you will have travelled to every remote village in the entire world. And that is what will form the basis of pride as the short track in Oxford, New Canterbury, New Zealand, celebrates its Golden Jubilee in 2019.

The former Crawford farm has been standing since 1979 and has grown in stature with every passing year. But what has been the driving force behind the exponential growth of a little track in a little farming town?

Astute Management

The facility has been professionally run for all its years of existence. Not once have management tussles come into the limelight even as running was handed down from one generation of managers to the next. Perhaps borrowed from the communal nature of Oxford people – who have been known to sacrifice for the success of local projects like a public swimming pool- the management has always placed the interests of the community first in all its doings.

Regular upgrades

While the track remains unchanged, a picture of Oxford Speedway taken in 1979 and another from 2018 will depict completely different places. The management has performed minor upgrades every year and major renovations on not less than two occasions.

The five-month closure of 1995 is the most notable upgrade, during which viewing areas were made more comfortable and safer for the fans. The construction of a new office complex in 2010 made it easier to manage races and attract business.

The incorporation of technology has especially made it easier to keep statistics and make more accurate calls.

Cross-border brand

The use of a double-decker coach to ferry racegoers to the venue after the 1995 up played a huge role in making Oxford speedway known to the world. It opened a new chapter that has made the venue an attraction for visitors from all over the globe.