Different Betting Forms for Speedway Races

One area of growth that speedway racing in New Zealand has witnessed in recent times has been the infiltration of the betting craze. The trend has been spreading across all sporting disciplines and it was only a matter of time before it caught up with racing in New Zealand and spread to even small tracks like the Oxford Speedway.

Speedway racing is a pretty popular spectator sport in New Zealand, so much so that even Universities list gamblers.co.nz among leisure activities that new students in the institution can check out. Betting in speedway races can be done in two forms:

  • Physical staking
  • Online Betting

Related imagePhysical staking

The speedway management has stalls that are meant specifically for leasing to service providers during races. Traditionally, food vendors and race broadcasters were the main occupants of these stalls. In recent years, however, there has been an increased presence of betting companies in these cubicles.

Within these stalls, punters can place bets on the races they have come to watch before every event starts. They receive a physical bet slip which they pocket before going out to watch the race as they await the results. Winnings on such bets are paid out instantly in cash at the betting stall.

Online Betting

Betting companies offer this option for punters who either cannot make it to the race or simply want to get their stakes out of the way early enough. The odds are placed on the companies’ websites days prior to the race and keep varying as the race day approaches.

Online betting also allows for live-in-play betting more effectively than physical staking. This is because multiple gamblers can place their bets on a website at the same time as opposed to a physical vendor who has to serve a single bettor at a time.

Winnings on online stakes are paid out to the punter’s online account and can be withdrawn through the bank.