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Different Betting Forms for Speedway Races

One area of growth that speedway racing in New Zealand has witnessed in recent times has been the infiltration of the betting craze. The trend has been spreading across all sporting disciplines and it was only a matter of time before it caught up with racing in New Zealand and spread to even small tracks like the Oxford Speedway.

Speedway racing is a pretty popular spectator sport in New Zealand, so much so that even Universities list among leisure activities that new students in the institution can check out. Betting in speedway races can be done in two forms:

  • Physical staking
  • Online Betting

Related imagePhysical staking

The speedway management has stalls that are meant specifically for leasing to service providers during races. Traditionally, food vendors and race broadcasters were the main occupants of these stalls. In recent years, however, there has been an increased presence of betting companies in these cubicles.

Within these stalls, punters can place bets on the races they have come to watch before every event starts. They receive a physical bet slip which they pocket before going out to watch the race as they await the results. Winnings on such bets are paid out instantly in cash at the betting stall.

Online Betting

Betting companies offer this option for punters who either cannot make it to the race or simply want to get their stakes out of the way early enough. The odds are placed on the companies’ websites days prior to the race and keep varying as the race day approaches.

Online betting also allows for live-in-play betting more effectively than physical staking. This is because multiple gamblers can place their bets on a website at the same time as opposed to a physical vendor who has to serve a single bettor at a time.

Winnings on online stakes are paid out to the punter’s online account and can be withdrawn through the bank.

Mobile Betting and Speedway

Image result for Mobile BettingSpeedway racing is getting more popular by the day even after being in existence for decades and in New Zealand specifically, in many parts of the country. So much so that residents of Auckland are up in arms protesting the move of the race venue from the Western Springs to the south. Such residents will not only lose the privilege of witnessing first hand some of the country’s finest races but will also miss the chance to place physical bets on their favourite drivers.

All is not lost, however. With the rise of online betting and the even easier platform of mobile betting, punters will never have to miss out on placing their stakes. Mobile betting has already proven to be successful with apps like All Jackpots casino so it should not be a problem for speedway betting either.

Mobile betting casinos offer a live experience which makes gamblers feel as if they were physically in the region where the action is taking place. This model which uses live streaming would be a great adoption for speedway betting companies if they are to at least offer some solace for the disgruntled fans.

The rise of live betting would also largely benefit small speedway tracks like Oxford which have some electric races but are to this end only exposed to locals and visitors who attend physically. Currently, physical betting is largely popular, but mobile platforms will make the whole experience less cumbersome as it will eliminate the need to queue for bets and payouts.

It will allow bettors to follow their stakes from their mobile screens and even if they happen to miss one race at the event, they receive an automatic notification once it ends. The revenue shared to the speedway will also go a long way in maintaining the track.

Responsible Gambling in Speedway Races

While the introduction and proliferation of betting in speedway races and other sport disciplines has largely spiced up the spectator thrill, there is need to maintain a healthy betting lifestyle. There is no denying that the tension of waiting to see a moment that you have staked upon makes every minute of the sporting event worthwhile.

However, the entire thrill becomes pointless if it leads you to gamble with money meant fImage result for Gambling in Speedway Racesor other more important activities like payment of utility bills. Having a dedicated app like the Spin Palace App can help you keep track of your betting patterns so you know when you are headed for the cliff.

Looking for sites that offer Betting tips is also a great way to stay level-headed when plunging yourself into the gamble. These tips give you an expert’s view of the events which you can weigh against your own emotional predictions. They also give you a hint of the pots that are most likely to burn you and warn you against dipping your fingers in them.

The secret to healthy betting is to avoid getting too emotional whether you are winning or losing. When you are losing, exit in time and re-strategize instead of sourcing for more betting units from money meant for other uses. When losing, do not lose your head and keep raising betting amounts as this will hurt you more in the event of a loss. It is always important to have a betting budget that you won’t exceed no matter the returns.

Speedway betting is a pretty safe betting avenue as the results are quite predictable. Good drivers will always be good, and it is well known that people enjoying a good season often have luck smiling upon them. In a track like Oxford, people who have been going to the races for long will have the stats at heart.

Speedway Among New Zealand’s Most Loved Sports

Image result for New Zealand SpeedwayThey say you never miss water till the wells run dry. Well, that statement has dawned as true for residents of Auckland, New Zealand, with reports that the Speedway would be leaving the Western Springs by the year 2020.

Most residents are sad to see the sport leave, despite a good number having formerly complained about the noise that comes with the races. In a recent video posted on the New Zealand Herald, many residents say that the races have become part of their culture and admit they will feel a sort of emptiness once the event relocates.

Among the reasons given for Speedway’s popularity is its safe outdoors environment which allows entire families to go out and have fun there. Even people who do not personally go to the races indicated that they loved having it around for the sake of their partners and kids. One resident described the speedway as a good neighbour who stops making noise when night falls. The event is relocating after close to a century’s presence in the area.

Oxford Love

At least the people of Oxford show their love for their little speedway track every month. When the May meeting was recently rendered impossible by the weather, there was an audible sigh of disappointment everywhere.

The track has become an identifiable cultural trait for most people in Oxford. A good number of adults have grown up going to the event, and it is possible that every single one of Oxford’s residents of at least ten years of age has been at the races at some point.

Besides safety, the variety of outdoor activities at speedway race meets also contributes to its popularity. The barbecue would probably come first in this category if a vote were to be had. The recent news will only make the fast-growing sport even more popular.

Sad news for the people of Western Springs to lose such a lovely neighbour!

Dissapointment as bad weather forces cancellation of race meeting

Image result for bad weather SpeedwayFans and competitors at the Oxford Speedway race track were left a disappointed lot after heavy rains forced the cancellation of a recent race meeting. The Queen’s Birthday Weekend Southern Stampede slotted for the weekend of June 16 had to be pushed ahead due to severe weather conditions.

The announcement was made on the race track’s social media pages where it was communicated that the next event would be held on July 15- again, if the weather allows. The news was met with cries of disappointment from people who were clearly anticipating the event, with a good number tagging their friends to come to witness the bad news.

The harsh weather was not totally unexpected. The track’s management had announced during the week that they were putting extra supports in the clubrooms in anticipation of the predicted snow. They had even pushed the move from Saturday to Sunday in the hope that things would improve before then, but it was not to be, eventually.

Palatable disappointment

Despite New Zealand being a largely fair weather nation, weather extremes are not an uncommon occurrence. The same track has had to cancel meets numerous times before. That does not in any way make the disappointment less palatable whenever such an unfortunate event occurs.

Speedway racing has become a borderline cultural activity in the small farm town in North Canterbury, with almost half of the entire population attending races at a time. The closure of the venue for five months in 1995 proved to be one of the most boring periods for most race lovers.

The little race track offers a lovely outdoor platform for Oxford people to gather and interact with entire families, besides enjoying the thrill of witnessing first-hand drivers of all categories go up against each other in different categories. Still, it is unlikely that any resident would want the track to be made less tough.

How the relocation of Auckland Speedway will affect Oxford

Image result for Auckland SpeedwayIt was recently announced that the speedway in Auckland would be relocating from Western Springs to a more southern region of the city.

The announcement was met with mixed reactions by Western Springs residents, with some glad that the noise from the racecourse would finally be leaving their neighbourhood. A majority, however, expressed their disappointment with the relocation saying that the move was likely to destroy an already established culture.

How does the relocation affect Oxford speedway?

Well, Auckland, around 800 kilometres away from Oxford, is arguably of little consequence to the little farm town in North Canterbury. But Western Springs was a huge track whose reverberations were felt all over the country, so this one has to be felt too.

For starters, the move will stir the racegoers at Western Springs from their comfort zone. Having lived their entire lives with the speedway (It has been there for 90 years; few people can have existed before it), the residents will be faced with a new emptiness.

They could just drive south and follow the speedway to its new home, but this could also be a chance for them to travel and experience speedways in other parts of the country. With travel insurance this would be especially easy.

The Oxford speedway has been receiving a lot of attention lately, as has the town in general. This could be a great chance for residents of Western Springs to fly down to Oxford and tour the clean little town and its excellent little dirt track.

It is thus likely that the Oxford Speedway will be receiving more visitors in near future, especially in the early days before the Auckland Speedway gains its footing. It will be a welcome blessing for the North Canterbury race track, but it will also cause a new headache of accommodating the huge number of visitors in the small track.

Oxford Speedway applauded for nurturing talent

Image result for Oxford SpeedwayThe Oxford Speedway has received applause from parents and former drivers for its role in nurturing young racers. Messages of gratitude and commendation have been streaming into the track’s Facebook community page from parents who are pleased that their children have got a chance to kickstart their racing career.

The Mini Stock Youth Championships have been hailed as a great stepping stone for aspiring drivers and a great foundation that spells longevity for the little track in North Canterbury. Any further existence will push Oxford Speedway close to a century’s existence, having already been existing for close to half a century in 2018.

Among the outstanding speedway features that have received praise are the vehicle checking procedures, track regulations and the readiness of referees to patiently explain to debuting kids about the do’s and dont’s of a motor race.

The praise comes in the wake of six young drivers making their debut in the Youth Mini-Stock Championships in March 2018. Such young drivers are already endearing themselves to fas, starting with their fans who don stickers to match the racing kids’ gear as a way of showing support.

Every year, the speedway provides an avenue for kids to make their baby steps in motor racing. there are bees to bring these kids to familiarity with the rules that make the competing environment safe and fair. The track is also often open for parents and trainers who would like to impart more skills to their children outside race days.

The tradition has been the same for the better part of the speedway’s 49-year existence since it was built on the previously existing Crawford farm in 1979. It is one of the reasons that the Oxford population identifies closely with the track, with most of the town’s drivers having begun their careers here as kids.

Volunteer programs at Oxford Speedway

Related imageAs a non-profit organisation, you might guess that the Oxford Speedway relies a lot on volunteers to keep going. Well, it’s not like there is a lot of slaving to be done at the race venue on every day of every week, but they always could use a helping hand.

Whether it is cleaning the area after a race day or setting up safety measures prior to an event, a volunteer could always come in handy. The need for volunteers rises during actual race days because even though most racegoers are already familiar with the area, they still need help with things like distribution of matchday programs and maintaining safety around the viewing areas.

Yvonne, the person in charge of the Speedway’s online communication, is always calling out for volunteers to come out and help where they can. And as proof of how much the institution appreciates volunteers, all their post-race communication always gives a prominent shout-out to these people of goodwill.

Volunteering can be a good opportunity for prospective racers to get an inside feel of the racing world. It is likely that some of the greatest speedway racers may have started out as volunteers.

To volunteer at speedway events, you just need to communicate with the institution. A message on their social media page will get a reply within hours- they are that responsive! They probably need volunteers to help them maintain that too! (You might have noticed how the hectic schedule often causes delays in giving race updates).

Many people fail to volunteer not because they don’t have time, but because they don’t think they could be of help. The truth, however, is that anyone can be of help at the races. There are no special skills needed to be a volunteer. Actually, you could just spot something that you think could be done better and offer to do it.

Slight changes to Speedway race day program

Image result for Oxford SpeedwayThe Oxford Speedway has had to make a few changes to its matchday program as the number of entries continues to increase in 2018. Worry not though, the changes are only minimal and will largely affect race preparations rather than the races themselves.

The program change is also not going to apply to all race meetings, but rather to those that record a similarly high number of entries. In the new format, races will start an hour earlier than usual (9 am as opposed to the former 10 am kick-off). Scrutineering of the race participants will also start an hour earlier. They will be checked from 7-9 am where the task was formerly done between 8 and 10 am.

The first day of competitions will basically involve the Youth Mini Stock preliminaries, with categories A, B and C of the Ministock starting off the action. They will then be followed by the Hobby, Mini Saloons and Stock Cars in that order.

On day 2 (Sunday) The Youth Mini Stock Championships will enter their advanced rounds in the same order as used on the opening day. This event is usually a fan favourite as it often showcases drivers who have the potential of going ahead to rule the superstock racing categories in future.

Later on Sunday, Adult Mini Stocks and Stock cars will take centre stage as experienced drivers seek to give the youthful competitors a throwback feel.

The new program was already used at the May meeting of the Youth Mini Stock Championships. With the increasing popularity of the competition, it looks as if things will continue along the same vein in 2019. The event organisers might even have to come up with a third day of competition (probably a preliminary round on Friday) or expand race hours on the two days.

Battle of the Ditch proves Speedway popularity yet again

Image result for Ditch proves SpeedwayIt never gets boring at the races. If you want to believe that, ask Oxford residents who are always streaming into the track on every race day whether it is an amateur or pro meet.

The recent Battle of the Ditch proved yet again how even mini-stock races can be a great attraction. The May 31 event had drivers from all over the town- a group of competitive youths who appeared to enjoy every minute of the action-packed weekend.

The same radiance was evident on the stands where the fans came out in large numbers and once again gave some wild cheers. They all looked every bit the part with wearables matching the colours of their favourite drivers on the track.

Also in attendance were some past mini-stock winners and participants from both within the town and beyond who brought their now full Stock rides to add some colour to the event. It was nothing short of a colourful event, with Anthony Hocking emerging the winner at the end of it all.

Anthony took home race prices courtesy of event sponsors Suck It up, Brownlees Contracting, Dave & Gerry, G J Gardner Homes, and Dave Corson who came in massively to make the event a success. All these companies have been involved with the Oxford Speedway for a while now, almost becoming part of its every day running.

Another notable winner from the weekend- without having to race- was a chap named Keith who gained Honorary membership at the Oxford Speedway for his continued personal support for different events.

As usual, Canterbury Waterblast was there to get the rides cleaned up after the muddy affair. Ever wondered ‘how the hell will all this dirt get cleaned up’ as you watched the races? Well, Waterblast takes up the unenviable task with a smile.

Overall, the 2018 Battle of the Ditch has proven once again that Speedway is here to stay.