Oxford Speedway

Welcome to Oxford Speedway, a site dedicated to the famous little track in North Canterbury.

Here, you will find out all you need to know about the racetrack that forms an integral part of the Oxford community, from the history of the track since it was created in 1979 to the race categories and track modifications.

Have you ever wondered why the people of Oxford are always crazy about racing? Well, find out here how most of them have grown up with and on the speedway, inevitably becoming joined with car competitions at the hip.

Also get to know about notable events that have happened here that formed memories in the racing world.

This site will be a great starting point for people seeking to understand the ways and culture of the Oxford people – often voted the best town in many categories- because it allows you to interact with them in their most authentic state. The pictures you find here are of people who have let their hair down in their most natural habitat.

Also stay in the lookout for new developments in the way the speedway operates here. The site is an official communication channel where you can raise queries and concerns and they will be addressed with the best possible immediacy. It is one of the speedway’s many efforts at maintaining easy and open communication.

The track will soon be celebrating its golden jubilee. In here, you will find out what has contributed to so many years of longevity and the evolutional changes that the track has undergone during its time of existence.

Welcome aboard Oxford Speedway!